Address Gen Z Concerns or Face Political Ouster-Kalonzo

Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka has warned that President William Ruto needs to seriously consider the concerns raised by Kenyan youth.

Speaking at the KICC while President Ruto signed the IEBC bill into law, Kalonzo stated that if the old guard is not careful, Kenyan youth, particularly Generation Z, will wipe them out.

“If we are not careful, all of us will be thrown out by the Gen Z because they say they have come of age… you say we are leaders of tomorrow but we are leaders of now. We can’t wish them away,” Kalonzo warned. The former vice president requested that Ruto expedite the recommendations of the NADCO report, which was prepared by a committee he co-chaired, citing the assent to law of the IEBC bill as one of the recommendations.

Further, Kalonzo asked Ruto to fire Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome following the killing of 42 people during peaceful protests.

“Order IG Japheth Koome to resign and take responsibility for the deaths of the 42 young Kenyans who lost their lives because they were exercising their constitutional rights to peaceably assemble, demonstrate, and picket. Mr. President, the Army should be ordered off our streets and sent back to the barracks,” he added.

Kalonzo’s warning comes after weeks of youth-led street protests opposing the punitive Finance Bill 2024 and demanding accountability from the government. The climax of the protests saw demonstrators breach parliament, leading to the shooting of several protesters by security forces.

The protests prompted Ruto to reject the bill in totality and pledge to effect austerity measures to reduce government spending.

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