Natl multisectoral forum to convene for 6 days to resolve Gen Z issues

The government and the opposition coalition have announced a national multi-sectoral dialogue to quell the brewing tension in the country precipitated by agitated Gen Zs demanding to be heard.

Speaking  from the steps of KICC after the accession of the IEBC Amendment bill 2024, President William Ruto and Azimio chief Raila Odinga have said the decision to have a dialogue was arrived at after intense consultation to provide solutions to grievances raised by the youthful generation.

President William Ruto stated that the 150 members forum will include the gen zs and 100 members from civil groups tasked to provide the solutions within 6 days

“In the interest of making sure we live within our means; all participants will bear their attendance costs. This is a result of consultations we have held this morning. Stakeholders will be required to submit their representatives by Friday this week, ,” Ruto said.

While welcoming the dialogue, the former prime minister Raila Odinga has noted that the  dialogue is the way forward out of the current crisis in the country.

“We will give people an opportunity to be heard,” Odinga said, adding that it will provide a platform for Kenyans to air their grievances and table issues they think are ailing the country towards “a lasting solution.”

“There are many issues affecting Kenyans but all of them are solvable,” said the former prime minister.

“Unemployment, corruption, ethnicity, debt and the management of the economy are issues we need to talk about.”

Over the past few months now, the youthful generation has taken the Ruto government to task demanding accountability in the running of the state, blocked the passing of a controversial Finance Bill and has now forced the president to close down offices that were touted to be non essential.

This, as Ruto vowed to engsge in a dialogue with the youth to resolve all the grievances raised by Kenyans

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