President William Ruto Calls for Reflection and Hope in Easter Message to Kenyans

President William Ruto has conveyed a message of hope as the Easter holidays approach, urging Kenyans to engage in reflection on the significant historical events within Christianity.

Through social media, the Head of State encouraged individuals of goodwill, both within Kenya and internationally, to join in contemplating the enduring and universal lessons derived from one of the most pivotal events in the faith’s history.

“The time has come once again for all people of goodwill, in Kenya and abroad, to join the Christian faithful in reflecting on the enduring and universal lessons from one of the most significant events in the history of our faith,” Ruto said on X.

Ruto highlighted Easter as a time for commemoration, acknowledging the profound sacrifices and intense suffering endured by Jesus Christ. He emphasized the sorrowful recollection of Christ’s hardship, struggle, betrayal, persecution, torture, crucifixion, and death, emphasizing the understanding that his descent into death paved the way for his ultimate victory over it.

“We recall with great sorrow the hardship, struggle, betrayal, persecution, torture, crucifixion and death suffered by Christ on our behalf, with the understanding that His descent into the place of death set the stage for His victory over death,” he said.

In light of the challenges prevailing in the world today, Ruto underscored the significance of Easter as a reminder that adversity can be overcome through discipline and adherence to sound values.

“There is no life, place or time in this world without its share of sufferings, deprivations and frustrations. The Easter message of hope tells us as individuals that we too can triumph over adversity, transcend our challenges and find happiness, success and prosperity in our lifetime,” the president said, in part

He emphasized the Easter message of hope, asserting that individuals can triumph over adversity, transcend challenges, and discover happiness, success, and prosperity in their lifetimes.

Drawing from the example set by Jesus, Ruto called upon Kenyans to emulate the divine model of faith demonstrated through his suffering and ultimate sacrifice. He urged citizens to channel this inspiration towards nation-building endeavors and dedicated service to humanity.

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