President Museveni Urges Ugandans to Participate Truthfully in Digital Census Scheduled for May

Uganda adopts Kiswahili as official language

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has emphasized the importance of citizens’ participation and honesty in the upcoming census scheduled for May.

The census, the sixth in Uganda’s history and the first to be conducted digitally, is crucial for the accurate planning and delivery of public services by the government.

President Museveni urged citizens to provide truthful answers to census questions when data collectors visit their homes.

He emphasized that accurate responses would enable the government to obtain precise information about individuals, households, institutions, and communities, facilitating informed decision-making and resource allocation.

The census, initially planned for August the previous year, faced postponement due to financial constraints, attributed in part to international funding cuts related to Uganda’s controversial anti-homosexuality law.

However, it is now scheduled to take place between May 10 and 19, with a budget of 134 billion Ugandan shillings ($34 million).

According to Uganda’s last census conducted in 2014, the population stood at 36 million. However, the state statistics agency estimates that the population has since grown by over 30%, exceeding 45 million people.

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