“Dreams of Glory: Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s Vision for a Mega Crusade at Wembley Stadium”

Pastor Ezekiel Odero, the founder of the New Life Prayer Centre and Church, has a vision of hosting a
massive crusade at the renowned Wembley Stadium in the United Kingdom.
Situated in Wembley, London, this stadium is England’s national pride and is synonymous with English
It stands as the UK’s largest football arena and the second largest in Europe, following Camp Nou,
boasting a seating capacity of 90,000.
Pastor Ezekiel’s aspiration to hold a mega crusade at Wembley Stadium stems from his previous
successful events in Kenya and Tanzania.
During his sermon, Pastor Ezekiel conveyed his resolute determination and enthusiasm for the
opportunity to share his message with a global audience.
“We held a crusade in Shanzu, then Kilifi from there we moved to Malindi and said Halleluiyah! We then
moved to Jacaranda, then Kasarani. Right now we are in Tanzania and someone still thinks I will preach
here in Kenya forever. There is a stadium in the UK called Wembley Stadium. I have a dream that I will
one day hold a mega crusade there. I will fill it up with people.,” the man of God said.

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