Odinga Claims Judiciary, Legislature Captured By The Executive

Opposition leader Raila Odinga  alleges  that both the Judiciary and Legislature have fallen under the influence of the Executive. 

Speaking at an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) delegates meeting in Kilifi, Odinga claimed that a noticeable shift occurred since the beginning of President William Ruto’s tenure, with bills being expedited through Parliament and signed into law without proper due process.

According to Odinga, this departure from the practices observed in past administrations, where due process was meticulously followed, is a cause for apprehension.

 He emphasized that current parliamentary debates are minimal, and bills favoring the government are swiftly passed with little to no amendments.

“Today you see the Speaker going to the State House to witness the President signing the Bill. Shame on them, shame on them! We must condemn this state capture of the institutions of governance,” he stated.

“There’s no debate. You cannot discuss a Bill within two hours…and then they are passed the way they are without amendments and they go to the Executive and they sign it.”

Expressing the need for a neutral body to combat corruption within the judiciary, Odinga asserted that such an approach is essential to eradicate corruption without compromising the independence of the judiciary. 

He called for a thorough engagement of external entities to ensure an impartial investigation and resolution of corruption issues within the judicial system.

Odinga also criticized the perceived interference of the Executive in the affairs of the judiciary, highlighting a concern that the recent meeting of the three arms of government at State House has undermined the independence of the judiciary. 

These assertions underscore his broader plea for a transparent and independent governance structure that upholds due process and separates powers among the different arms of the government.

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