Bolt Rolls Out ‘Driver Compliment’ Feature 

Bolt, the Estonia-based ride-hailing service, has unveiled an innovative feature called ‘Driver Compliments’ to enrich the interaction between riders and drivers.

With this new addition, passengers utilizing Bolt’s ride-hailing services will now have the opportunity to express their appreciation for drivers in a more detailed manner.

 Alongside the traditional star rating system, riders will receive prompts to provide specific positive feedback about their journey experience.

“We hope our riders take a moment to express their appreciation by using this feature. It will encourage our driver partners to further elevate their service levels,” Linda Ndungu, Country Manager for Bolt Kenya, said.

“We are encouraging positive and constructive feedback therefore the feature has a built-in profanity filter that does not let abusive comments appear in the driver’s app.”

This strategic move by Bolt aims to not only acknowledge exceptional driver performance but also to enhance overall rider satisfaction. The company believes that these tailored compliments will serve as valuable insights for drivers, enabling them to understand rider preferences better and consequently refine their service accordingly.

By fostering a culture of positive reinforcement, Bolt anticipates an improvement in driver motivation and an elevated standard of service, ultimately contributing to a more enjoyable ride-hailing experience for users. The ‘Driver Compliments’ feature is poised to play a pivotal role in strengthening the bond between riders and drivers within the Bolt community.

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