FKE wants housing levy made voluntary owing to harsh economic times

Stephen Obiro, the head of advocacy, consulting and partnership at the Federation of Kenya Employers.

The federation of Kenyan employers has asked the government to find alternative means of financing its ambitious affordable housing project without imposing levies on the payslips of employed Kenyans.

During the fifth day of public participation exercise at KICC on the affordable housing bill, FKE argues that the housing levy sets a bad precedent where every social right in the country must be accompanied by a tax or levy to be realized.

The head of advocacy policy at  FKE Stephen Obiro said taxes have already robbed off the Kenyans payslips urging the NA assembly housing and urban planning committee to adopt the levy as voluntary

Residents appearing before the committe lamented on the rent for the houses once completed saying they do not reflect to the government bottom up narrative

The MP Johannia Ngeno led committee will be retreating to draft a report on public participation at the end of this month.

The court of appeal will on Friday rule on the orders sought by the state to stay the controversial levy after  it was declared unconstitutional.

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