ODM supports the NADCO report

The ODM party has revealed its stance on the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) report.

 Despite initial reservations, the party now declares its support for the report, albeit describing it as “imperfect and unfinished.”

The ODM party, in a statement read by ODM Secretary general  Edwin Sifuna has expressed support for the National Dialogue Committee report, acknowledging its imperfections.

According to Sifuna, 18 out of the 31 proposals put forward by the ODM party were adopted in the final draft of the NADCO report. This accounts for approximately 58% of the report, showcasing a substantial influence wielded by the ODM party in shaping the recommendations.

“These included reduction of the ballooning travel budget, increasing of minimum shareable revenue to counties and fast tracking of legislation related to the war against corruption. This is the good start,” he stated.

He however added that some of the issues that were not adopted in the NADCO report included the most critical and urgent one, being the cost of living.

According to Sifuna, the Kenya Kwanza team turned down Azimio’s proposal to zero-rate taxes on basic food items, revert turnover tax to rates in Finance Act, 2022, as well as completely scrap the highly-contested housing levy.

“These are the ‘imperfect and unfinished’ portions, and we owe a moral duty to Kenyans to keep the flames of the struggle alive until we are all free from the bondage of dictatorship,” noted the ODM SG.

“In the meantime and noting the significant gains from the process we as ODM and in line with the earlier resolution of the Azimio PG, support the NADCO report as is.”

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