Tinubu caps his travel entourage after COP28 fury

Nigerian President Bola Tinubu has capped the number of aides allowed to accompany him abroad following a backlash against the country’s massive delegation at last year’s COP28 climate conference.

The president’s media aide Ajuri Ngelale said that from now on, a maximum of 20 aides will be eligible to join the president on foreign trips, while the vice president and first lady will be limited to five aides each.

Mr Ngelale described the announcement as a cost-cutting exercise that will also be applied to ministers and head of agencies who travel abroad for work.

President Tinubu came under attack, especially on social media, after his government sponsored over 400 people to attend the COP28 climate conference in Dubai.

Minister of Information Mohammed Idris said delegates comprised of government and agency officials.

Other African countries, such as Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya were also criticised for sending large delegations to COP28.

Courtesy of BBC

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