84 lives were lost in first week of January from accidents

Over 84 people have died from Road accidents across the country in the first week of 2024 which is  an increase compared to 72 that was recorded the same period last year.

This is according to data from the National Transport and Safety Authority that was collected  between January 1 to January 7.

Pedestrians lead in fatalities with 31 Following closely at 23 are  motorcyclists  marking a slight decrease compared to 24 in 2023.

Fatal accidents are on the rise this year amid efforts to address the trend. In October 2023, NTSA unveiled the National Road Safety Action Plan (2023- 2027) which aims to achieve a 50 per cent reduction in deaths and severe injuries in designated high-risk demonstration corridors and urban areas.

The Principal Secretary in the State Department of Transport,  Mohamed Daghar has emphasized the urgent need for coordinated road safety efforts involving both national and county governments to enhance safety on Kenyan roads.

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