First Lady Rachel Ruto commissions  Kenyan trainees for the Mashav Agricultural Training Program

First Lady Rachael Ruto on Tuesday commissioned the Mashav  programme sponsored by the Israeli government in collaboration with the Kenyan government.

210 Kenyan trainees will participate in the 11 month practical training  at the  Arava International Centre for Agricultural Training in Israel.

The airlift programme is seeking to equip beneficiaries with technical knowledge on agriculture .

Mama Rachel Ruto lauded the successful cooperation between Kenya and Israel, which has resulted in the exchange of Kenyan trainees in key fields such as security, medicine and agriculture.

The first lady said the program encourages trainees to find their own solutions to problems and adapt them to their respective cultural and social values, economic potential, natural resources and regional priorities.

She has urged the trainees to embrace the opportunity to rapidly develop their skills to apply on a larger scale.

The trainees will return to Kenya equipped with skills and fresh perspectives and contribute to the development of the Nation.

The 2023 Mashav Agricultural Training Program is a product of the strong relationship between the two nations.

The Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) prioritises agriculture as a key sector for economic growth, food security, job creation, and industrialization.

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