CS Owalo Confirms Hacking Of E-Citizen

ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo has confirmed that the government services platform e-Citizen had been hacked.

 The CS said the government is currently working on stopping the attack.

He noted that the  hackers intended to slow down the platform by jamming the systems of government services delivery.

In an interview,The CS assured that no data was accessed by the hackers, and none was lost.

There was an attack and we are addressing that. We are not just coming up with remedial measures to address the current situation,” Owalo said.

“We are ensuring that around this digitalisation space, we will build an elaborate risk mitigation framework for the purposes of sustainable digitalisation.”

The Cabinet Secretary also affirmed that such attacks will not stop the government’s plan to digitize service

Instead, the focus should be on building a robust risk mitigation framework to ensure sustainable digitalization.

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