Canada Dismisses CS mutua promise On Employment Opportunities

The Canadian Embassy to Kenya has slammed Foreign Affairs CS Alfred Mutua over claims that Kenya has entered in a partnership to see Kenyans get employment opportunities in the North American Country.

Disinformation is circulating, suggesting that special programs are welcoming Kenyan immigrants. This is false, and the immigration programs referenced do not exist,” IRCC tweeted hours after Mutua’s call to Kenyans to consider employment opportunities in Canada.

Through a tweet, the embassy has tarnished the information as false and misleading saying there are no such opportunities for Kenyans

CS Mutua, in his statement noted that Canada had more employment opportunities than available for people to work adding that his visit in the country saw him enter into talks to fill the gap. 

The statement came hours after Mutua also warned Kenyans against applying for jobs in Canada using fake agencies and websites.

Mutua who was on an official visit to the country said, he held a meeting with the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada Sean Fraser and they agreed on the various migration opportunity pathways for Kenyans to go work in Canada.

Mutua said Canada has more employment opportunities than available people to work, thus the agreement to allow Kenyan workers help fill the gap.

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