Airtel Kenya launches high quality voice & video tech

Airtel Kenya has launched an advanced technology that delivers high-quality sound over voice and video calls on a 4G network.

Dubbed Voice over LTE (VoLTE), the feature will enable Airtel users to enjoy high-definition voice available on Android and iOS devices.

“Airtel is committed to leveraging innovations that guarantee amazing experience while offering value to customers,” said managing director Ashish Malhotra.

“VoLTE automatically enables High Definition for a clearer voice call experience with the same call rates as normal calls,” he added.

Airetl says for users to enjoy the experience, they are required to have a VoLTE-enabled handset and a 4G Sim Card.

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) also enables a fast call set-up that includes making calls while browsing.

Airtel’s launch of VoLTE comes second after its main rival Safaricom,  unveiled a similar feature in mid-2019.

As part of its rebranding strategy through a campaign dubbed ‘A Reason to Imagine’, Airtel has also introduced a 1GB data bundle package, as the telco company eyes more young people.

“The amazing 1GB bundle goes for Sh50 and is valid for 24 hours,” said Malhotra.

“I believe the power of this campaign is its ability to inspire the dreams and aspirations of young people. We have consistently enabled the youth to achieve their potential through various innovative products and services and we bank on this new initiative to further enhance success.”

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