Azimio suspends Talks Persisting Bipartisan stalemate

Bipartisan committee co-chairs Azimio’s Otiende Amolo and Kenya Kwanza’s Muragura.[ Photo: The Star]

Rarieda MP Otiende Amolo has said that the bipartisan talks have been suspended on failure to agree on composition of teams. 

The lawmakers had Tuesday morning convened to agree on the fate of Aldas Member of Parliament Adan Keynan and his counterpart from West Pokot David Pkosing after failing to come to terms last week.

The Azimio coalition side argued that Keynan hails from Jubilee party, which is a constituent party of Azimio, as the ruling coalition maintained that Pkosing, who was selected by Azimio, is also a member of the Kenya Kwanza coalition under the Kenya Union party.

Adan Keynan was named as a member of the seven member committe that will engage on talk to quell Azimio’s post election demands. The Azimio side further picked issue with his appointment leading to a stalemate to commence the talks.

A letter from the office of the registrar of political parties affirms that there is no pact between Kenya Union Party and Jubilee parties with the Kenya Kwanza coalition. The registrar noted that

On his part Otiende Amolo argues that the Raila Odinga led coalition will henceforth not engage in talks with Kenya Kwanza until they resolve the issues bewildering Adan Keynan.

Both parties (President Ruto -led Kenya Kwanza Coalition and Raila Odinga- led Azimio la Umoja) agreed to individually develop frameworks for harmonisation in the Commitee’s subsequent meeting.

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