Kenya, Senegal collaborate to champion integration in Africa

President Ruto & his Senegalese counterpart President Sall [Photo:]

President William Ruto and his Senegalese counterpart President Macky Sall on Thursday held talks at the Presidential Palace in Dakar – Senegal.

The two leaders agreed to work together in championing the integration of Africa.

They said they will strive to take common positions on issues affecting the Continent.

President Ruto said the move will further Africa’s agenda and consolidate its position at the United Nations.

“We must unite and amplify our voices at the global level,” said Ruto.

He added that Kenya and Senegal are exploring the possibility of a visa-free regime for citizens of the two countries.

He also explained that his Senegalese counterpart had committed to support the peace process in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

On his part, President Sall called on African countries to abolish visa requirements for Africans to ease the movement of people and factors of production.

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