France Recalls its Burkina Faso Ambassador

Luc Hallade’s recall comes amid tensions between the two countries [Image: AFP]

France is recalling its ambassador to Burkina Faso, a day after it announced that its military mission comes to an end.

The French foreign ministry said Luc Hallade was returning for consultations on the state of relations between Paris and its former West African colony.

“In the context of the latest developments in Burkina Faso, we have decided to recall our ambassador in Paris, to conduct consultations on the state and prospects for our bilateral cooperation,” the Foreign Ministry told the press.

 This follows a series  of demonstrations against the French presence in Burkina Faso, whose military rulers have been seeking military assistance from Russia to help defeat an Islamist insurgency.

On Monday, Burkina Faso asked France to withdraw hundreds of special forces troops stationed in the former French colony to curb the expansion of terrorist groups in the Sahel, and said they had a month to leave the country, in accordance with the military agreement signed by both countries in 2018.

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