Mudavadi defends government’s performance ahead of its 100-day mark

Mudavadi defends government's performance ahead of its 100-day mark

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has defended the performance of the Kenya Kwanza Government under President William Ruto’s initial stages of leadership as the 100 days mark- approaches in early December.

Mudavadi noted that things will shape-up despite challenges arising from the famine situation, the inherited public debt and the dwindling economic situation.

He hinted that the first cabinet meeting last week gave a roadmap on what is to be done moving forward.

He stated that work has begun since the executive arm of government hit the ground running laying the foundation towards economic recovery, job creation and food security.

The high cost of living is an inherited deluge of a government that lived beyond its means, a headache that the former government left to us. You cannot sincerely attribute the current pain Kenyans are going through to this government,” said Mudavadi in an interview.

Additionally, Mudavadi assured citizens that a number of austerity measures will be put in place not to harm the people but to help out in cleaning the mess inherited from the previous government.

On matters tax, Mudavadi stated that plans will be put in place to expand the tax base thus ensure more revenue is collected without necessarily increasing taxes on Kenyans and businesses.

Mudavadi indicated that his Office will operate on an open-door policy with a focus on service delivery to Kenyans, a principle that he has defended as the Kenya Kwanza approach towards restoring public trust in government.

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