Touts filmed hanging on a moving matatu arrested

The national transport and safety authority( NTSA) has arrested a drivers and two touts who were seen dangerously hanging upside down and swinging on a moving matatu in a viral video on social media.

In the video, one of the the two conductors is seen hanging and extending their limbs onto another speeding matatu, while the other can be seen performing some sort of stunts.

According to NTSA, the three will be charged accordingly, as per the laws laid out in the Constitution.

The agency has underscored the importance of road safety urging road users to be vigilant and not hesitate to report such occurrences.

“We urge all road users to remain vigilant & speak out against such behavior,” said NTSA in a statement.

“Road Safety is a shared responsibility & we thank the public for reporting this incident,” added NTSA.

Reports indicate that the matatu belonged to Umoinner sacco, and was plying on the Buruburu route.

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