Brazil’s presidential election to undergo second round run-off

Brazil's presidential election to undergo second round run-off

Brazil’s polarizing presidential race will go to a second round run-off after no candidate achieved a majority of more than 50% of the ballot in an election that saw long lines at polling booths as millions turned out to vote.

Results released by Brazil’s Electoral Superior Court showed left-wing candidate and former president Luiz Inácio held a slight lead over right-wing incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro but not enough to cross the threshold to victory.

In a brief news conference, Bolsonaro said the voting reflected the poor economic conditions felt by poorer Brazilians, and promised to appeal to voters who are worried about rising prices.

Voting in Brazil is allowed for citizens over 16 years old and mandatory for literate citizens between 18 and 70 years old (except conscripts, who are not allowed to vote during mandatory military service).

Those who are required but do not vote in an election and do not present an acceptable justification (such as being absent from their voting locality at the time) must pay a fine.

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