Ruto encourages infrastructural development of ICT in developing countries

President William Ruto has called for global efforts in enhancing Information, Communication and Technology in developing countries.

Speaking during his inaugural address at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the head of state pointed out that this is critical in bridging the digital divide.

We are encouraged to note that education, health, agriculture and numerous
other public services have become increasingly reliant on digital access
,” he stated.

Ruto pointed out that the world needs greater investment in the development of ICT infrastructure

Additionally, he said that this should be accompanied with policies that support innovation and increased acquisition and deployment of technology.

In so doing, we should be driven by the conviction that these measures offer a viable shortcut to poverty reduction and the promotion of inclusive development,” he explained.

In his speech, the head of state also called for stronger global partnerships to enhance ICT infrastructure in developing countries.

According to Ruto, this will bridge the yawning digital divide between the global south and the rest of the world.

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