21 constituencies to lose out on NG-CDF sharing formula

21 constituencies to lose out on NG-CDF sharing formula

About 21 constituencies are set to lose millions in allocations from the National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF).

This is in the new cash distribution formula for the Sh44 billion allocated in the kitty for the financial year 2022/2023.

During the legislator’s week-long induction, NG-CDF board chief executive Yusuf Mbuno said the CDF kitty has not been affected by the Supreme Court ruling terming it unconstitutional.

According to the CEO, they will henceforth implement the amendments in the National Government Development Fund (Amendment) Bill, 2019.

This will see the 290 constituencies equally share 75% of the annual allocation, with the remaining 25% distributed based on the number of wards in each constituency.

21 out of the 290 constituencies have only three wards which reduces their allocation in sharing the 25 percent of the total annual allocation of the NG-CDF fund.

Constituencies with 3 wards which is the minimum number of wards will be greatly affected by the formula as they will be getting Sh131M yet initially it was equal,” said Sirisia MP John Walukhe.

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