CA Announces the Licensing of New Radio Stations

Studio Set-up [Photo: Freepik]

At least 30 new community radio stations were licensed between December 2021 and March 2022, by the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA).

Authority Director General Ezra Chiloba says the number of community radio stations increased to 58 in March 2022, from 28 in December 2021.

He also says commercial radio stations increased from 122 to 154 within the same period.

The authority says the move to register new radio stations aimed at promoting the growth of radio in Kenya.

“The Authority in its mandate to promote and facilitate the development of a diverse range of broadcasting services in Kenya, while maintaining a competitive broadcasting market, issues licenses to service providers on a continuous basis,” said the authority in a statement.

To open a community radio station one requires a registration fee of 1,000 shillings and an initial license fee of 5,000 shillings, while to set up a public station one needs a registration fee of 2,500 shillings and an initial fee of 5,000 shillings.

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