Senate special committee to consider Wajir governor’s impeachment on 17th May

Wajir governor Mohammed Mohammud will know his fate on the 17th of May when the senate sits to consider a report on his impeachment.

The senate special committee considering the Wajir governor’s impeachment has released a hearing calendar.

The county assembly and the governor have to file their submissions before the senate by close of business on Tuesday.

Both parties are limited to only three witnesses.

Previously, 37 members of the Wajir County assembly voted to impeach the county boss on accusations of financial impropriety.

Other reasons are abuse of office, gross misconduct and violation of the constitution as grounds for his ejection.

Senator Okongo Omogeni will chair an 11-member committee that will investigate allegations of gross violation of the constitution.

Others are misappropriation of resources, abuse of office and gross misconduct charges against Wajir governor Mohamed abdi.

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