The National Assembly reconvenes to debate BBI bill

Members of Parliament are set to hold a special sitting today to debate on the constitution amendment bill 2020 popularly known as the BBI bill.

The Speakers of two houses Senate and National assembly received the bill early in the week and called for the special seating.

The national assembly will convene in the morning to consider the Senate amendments to the Division of Revenue Bill.

The bill is part of the law used to divide revenue between the National and the county governments.  

The afternoon session will see the house debate the BBI bill . ODM party chairman John Mbadi has called on the members of the party in both houses to vote for the bill as is.

Mbadi added that the decision is a party position which he expects every member to adhere to.

Some members of the party has been protesting some of the clauses in the BBI bill especially the creation of new constituencies which they say it’s the mandate of the IEBC.  

Both Houses will debate the joint Legal Affairs Committee report on the Constitution Amendment Bill before voting on it at the second and third reading stages.

Even if the two houses reject the bill, it will still be forwarded to the president before it is handed over to the IEBC for preparation of a referendum.

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