Senior Counsel Patricia Mbote appears before the JSC in bid to be the next Chief Justice

Kenya’s first female Professor in law, Senior Counsel Patricia Kamore Mbote has expressed confidence in securing the Chief Justice position.

Appearing before the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) panelists, Kamore described herself as an institution builder, saying she would be an intellectual Chief Justice if successfully chosen and appointed for the position. 

She said this is backed with her extensive experience in leading in diverse fields.

In her previous career paths, she worked as the dean of the school of law of the University of Nairobi for 5 years, and also worked as an Acting Executive Director of the African Center for Technology Studies.

While defending the fact that she has not been a legal practitioner in terms of being either on the bar or on the bench, Kamore said she has been engaged in a number of judicial works, following the value of academics, that compliments sitting judges and legal practitioners.

I should have probably said that practise of law is not really just about going to court”, said Kamore.

Meanwhile, the Atheists in Kenya Society has opposed the nomination of Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia for the position of Chief Justice.

In a letter to Acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, the Society’s President Harrison Mumia said they recognized Ngatia as a highly experienced counsel.

They however said he is likely to compromise Judicial independence.

The Society also said it has no confidence in Ngatia’s ability to safeguard the rights and freedoms of Kenyans to ensure equal protection for all.

Ngatia is set to appear before the Judicial Service Commission on 20th Tuesday for his interview.

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