WorldRemit Founder launches a development foundation in Somaliland

WorldRemit Founder Ismail Ahmed has launched a foundation focused on using technology and innovation to tackle Somaliland’s development challenges.

Dubbed Sahamiye, the foundation will commit 54 billion shillings of Ahmed’s wealth and investments to Somaliland’s development programmes over the next 10 years.

We believe there are clear opportunities to make a significant and meaningful impact on the loves of Somaliland’s hopeful, ambitious and entrepreneurial people“, said Ahmed

Among the development programmes, the foundation will provide access to quality education for women and girls through the literacy skills in Somali language.

The education programmes include Daaris, which is a free, fun and easy-to-use app for persons with low  literacy skills to learn the somali language.

Another programme will see over 100,000 persons develop technical and vocational skills for employment and entrepreneurship.

On matters to do with the health sector, Ahmed has already donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), COVID-19 laboratory testing equipment and kits worth Kshs 109 million.

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