ODM Leader denies using BBI to attain presidency

Feb, 26th 2021 – Opposition leader Raila Odinga has dismissed claims that he is using the BBI to catapult himself to the Presidency.

He expressed gratitude to MCAs who passed the bill, saying that the lawmakers will adopt, paving the way for a referendum.

Raila said, “BBI is now in parliament and it will then go to the people. We will then come to tell you more about the niceties contained in the BBI. BBI is good for this and future generations of our country.”

He also said that the person who will take over after President Uhuru Kenyatta will be determined by Kenyans on the ballot and not any other arrangement. He termed the claims as baseless allegations by his political opponents.

He instead says, if he wants to ascend to the country’s top political office, he will seek the support of the electoral.

He said, “BBI is not Raila’s backdoor to statehouse, not at all. If Raila wants to get to Statehouse, Kenyans will take him there.”

Meanwhile, ODM women leaders have urged Kenyans to rally behind the BBI bill to resolve the gender parity issue.

Led by nominated senator Beatrice Kwamboka, Kwale women Rep Leka Hassan, the leaders dismissed  opposers of the BBI.

They say the BBI offers equal opportunities to both genders.

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