Magoha dismisses report by Kenya National Examination Council

Feb, 4th 2021 – Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has dismissed the report by the Kenya National Examination Council that suggested that candidates are not prepared to sit the forthcoming national examination. Magoha castigated the KNEC terming their assessment as inaccurate.

He has dismissed widespread fears of unpreparedness saying candidates are ready to sit their exams. Speaking yesterday in Nairobi, Magoha expressed his confidence in the learners stating that they will be an improvement in performance in the coming national exams.

He said, “We should have contextualized this report in such a manner that it was done more than 12 weeks ago. Since then, the learners have been in school and they are going to be there for another six weeks before they have exams. What the hell do you think you are doing by killing their spirit?”

Those children are intelligent. All we should do is to give them hope in their exams and life and see how far they go,” he added.

Knec is expressing its concerns over massive failure of the national exams with only a month left to the examinations. This is as a result of the ranking where majority of candidates across the country were ranked below average in the tests that were done at the end of the year 2020.

According to Knec, more than half of the candidates scored less than 50 percent in each subject. In terms of counties, only 17 out of the 47 counties managed to pass the average of 50 percent.

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