KCPE Candidate dies after falling from flag post

Jan, 27th 2021 – Learning has been disrupted at lower Kihara primary school in Gachie, Kiambu county, following demonstrations by parents. Angry villagers and parents stormed the school seeking clarity behind the death of a 12-year old student.

In this incident, a class 8 student is alleged to have fallen from a flag post, where he died on the spot. The parents and villagers allege that his death came as a form of punishment.

Parent’s have raised concern over the discipline and punishment methods administered to students in the school. They suspect the boy, was ordered to climb the flag post to unhook a stuck object as a way of punishment.

The area county commissioner, Michael Muchiri has however dismissed the claims by parents saying that it was a normal science lesson. He said, “We can tell you with certainty that this was not a punishment. It was a normal science lesson that turned tragic.” He has requested parents to be patient, as the case is investigated. 

The body of the deceased has been taken to Kihara Level Four Hospital awaiting post-mortem.

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