King Kong

If you’re a movie head then there is a treat coming up for you! The good people of Warner Bros Pictures have decided to treat us with a sequel from two legendary movies combined. From Godzilla; which was first filmed in 1954 and has grown to a discography of 33 films ever since, to King Kong which was first filmed in 1938 which has gone ahead to make 37 films since then, Warner Bros have really outdone themselves.

This kind of consistency is what we need in the Kenyan film industry. The reason other film industries have grown so much is that they are willing to use what they have because let’s face it, most of those initial films had cringe-worthy quality. But look at where they are now!

Godzilla vs. Kong' Trailer Released - Variety
Photo Credits: Variety

I am particularly familiar with one king kong movie that was known as the “Mighty Joe Young”. I remember that King had a soft spot for a particular girl. In this 2021 release, the story is maintained in the form of a young girl. Godzilla is painted as the villain in the trailer but I guess that we shall see when the movie comes out on March 26th this year. The graphics are amazing and we cannot wait to feast our eyes on the masterpiece!

In this battle of massive giants, who are you putting your money on?

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