“First Lady Rachel Ruto Organizes Prayer Squad for Kenyan Police Peace Mission in Haiti”

First Lady Rachel Ruto has announced the formation of a special team of prayer warriors to support the
Kenyan police ahead of their peacekeeping mission in Haiti.

Speaking at a gospel event at Weston Hotel, Rachel shared that she had been involved in planning the
prayer team long before the officers departed for the Caribbean nation.

Emphasizing the importance of spiritual support for the law enforcement team, she mentioned that the
intercessors comprised individuals from Kenya, the US, and Haiti.

Rachel highlighted the dedication of some close associates who spent two days discussing the situation
in Haiti and organizing prayers, believing that it’s essential to cover the police mission in prayer and also
pray for the people of Haiti.

“Some friends of ours have been holed up in a meeting for two days discussing the issues of Haiti
because we felt at the national altar that we cannot allow our police to go to Haiti without prayer. So
they have been strategising on a spiritual solution and prayer for our police as they go to Haiti and pray
for the people there,” she said.

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