“Embarambamba’s Musical Journey: Seeking Support Amidst Controversy”

Controversial Kisii gospel artist Christopher Musioma, also known as Embarambamba, is seeking
financial assistance to save his threatened music career.
He shared a video online explaining that he needs to pay a license fee to the Kenya Films Classification
Board (KFCB) within two months before releasing more songs.
The fee amounts to slightly over Ksh1 million. Embarambamba expressed confusion and sleepless nights
over receiving notices from KFCB demanding payment.
He hopes for support from well-wishers, including government officials. Embarambamba recently met
with KFCB officials accompanied by his lawyer, where he apologized for his non-compliant music content
and committed to producing culturally appropriate material.
KFCB also issued a demand notice to another gospel singer, William Getumbe, who failed to comply and
was subsequently arrested by KFCB officers.

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