“From Pulpit to Jackpot: Pastor Turns Bet into Ksh. 100 Million, Closes Church to Open Clubs”

In a surprising turn of events, Pastor Peter Wafula, based in Kakamega, Kenya, recently made headlines
after winning a staggering Ksh. 100 million bet.
What makes this story even more intriguing is the pastor’s decision to immediately close his church and
venture into a new business venture.

It all began when Pastor Peter Wafula decided to try his luck in sports betting, a popular activity in Kenya
and many other parts of the world.

He came across , a renowned sports betting prediction expert operating on Telegram, who
had been helping many Kenyans win significant amounts through accurate game predictions.

Pastor Wafula placed a bet that turned out to be a jackpot, winning him Ksh. 100 million. The pastor was overjoyed with his unexpected windfall and decided to make some life-changing decisions.

One of the first decisions Pastor Wafula made was to close his church. This move surprised many of his
congregation members and the local community. However, the pastor explained that he felt called to a
different path after his massive win. He expressed gratitude for his time leading the church but believed
it was time for a new chapter in his life.

Instead of continuing with traditional religious leadership, Pastor Wafula decided to invest in a different
business opportunity. He opened two clubs in Kakamega, aiming to provide entertainment and a social
gathering space for the community. The clubs quickly gained popularity, attracting both locals and
visitors from nearby areas.

The pastor’s transition from a religious leader to a club owner sparked discussions and debates among
the public. Some praised his entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to adapt to new opportunities, while
others expressed concern about the sudden change and its impact on his former congregation.

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