“Why did you bring Benny Hinn to Kenya?”Kenyans Questions Benny Hinn visit.

In early 2024, Kenya has witnessed a significant increase in premature deaths, particularly among young
people, with road accidents becoming a major concern.

The National Transport and Safety Authority(NTSA) reported that as of February 28th, 649 lives had been lost in road accidents in the past two months.

The deaths of notable individuals like marathoner Kelvin Kiptum and TikTok influencer Brian
Chira in road accidents have highlighted the seriousness of the situation.

The tragedy deepened with the loss of 11 students from Kenyatta University in a collision involving a school bus and a trailer near Voi.
Social media has been abuzz with speculation about the reasons behind the surge in accidents, with one
theory suggesting a connection to the departure of televangelist Benny Hinn after his crusade at Nyayo
Stadium in late February.

“Hauskii Benny Hinn ndio anafanya hizo accident zote zifanyike naskia anatutoa kama sacrifice,” another
X user alleged.

“Why did you bring Benny Hinn to Kenya?We’re now suffering accidents and deaths as a result of his
coming to Kenya.We need to repent for having mocked Christianity, religion and God,” read another

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