The government to receive the first batch of modernized security equipment

The first batch of assorted security equipment, valued at Sh 37 billion, is scheduled to be handed over to the government within a week as part of an ambitious 5-year modernization program.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki revealed that this initial batch includes personal protective gear for security agents and has already arrived in the country.

Speaking during engagements with frontline officers at the newly established Salama Camp on Tuesday, Kindiki underscored the government’s commitment to continually evaluating both covert and overt strategies to sustain efforts against terrorism and other national security threats. He emphasized the need to neutralize and dominate potential threats comprehensively, ensuring the safety of the country’s citizens.

“We must neutralise and dominate the enemy from all angles and ensure that our country is safe, and our people are able to work, live, and invest in peace and without any fear,” Kindiki said.

Kindiki also announced that the second phase of modernized equipment, which includes drones and other advanced surveillance technologies, is expected to arrive within two months. Furthermore, he disclosed plans for a third batch, anticipated later this year, which will feature gunship helicopters and other aerial mobility assets.

Addressing security concerns in Lamu, Kindiki assured residents of the government’s commitment to resolving grievances peacefully and in compliance with the law.

“All grievances in Lamu County will be addressed and resolved, but peacefully and in accordance with the law,” he said.

However, he issued a stern warning against exploiting such grievances to fuel ethnic or religious tensions, emphasizing that the government will not tolerate actions that promote discord. This comprehensive approach aims to strengthen the nation’s security infrastructure while prioritizing peace, lawfulness, and community well-being.

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