Senegal restricts internet access

Senegal’s communication ministry has announced new internet restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of “hateful messages” amid increasing political tensions in the country. 

The decision comes in the wake of President Macky Sall’s controversial move to postpone the presidential election, originally scheduled for this month, until December.

In addition to the internet restrictions, authorities in Senegal have also prohibited a planned march in the capital, Dakar, intended to protest against the delayed election. 

The country has experienced heightened political unrest since President Sall’s announcement on February 3rd, citing a dispute over the eligibility of candidates as the reason for the postponement.

The opposition has accused President Sall of orchestrating a “constitutional coup” and attempting to cling to power beyond his two-term limit. 

Despite these accusations, President Sall has denied any intention to seek a third term. The delayed presidential election, initially set for February 25th, will now take place in December. 

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