President Ruto emphasizes his commitment to the economic development of Kenya.

President William Ruto has emphasized his commitment to the economic development of Kenya, asserting that the nation’s foundation should be built on taxes rather than accumulating debts. 

Speaking in Tokyo Japan Ruto conveyed that he holds a clear conscience regarding the challenging decisions he is making for the benefit of the country.

“If we have to develop our country, Kenyans must roll up their sleeves. Our country is not going to be developed by others, by aid or by debt. It is going to be developed by us. Japan is built by the Japanese using their own taxes. Kenya will be built by Kenyans using our own revenue and taxes,” the president told Kenyans in the East Asian country.

Ruto has since assuming office in September 2022 introduced a raft of taxes and hiked old ones, putting him on the receiving end of criticism by Kenyans who accuse him of backtracking on his election campaign promises.

Ruto wooed voters on a platform of championing the welfare of average struggling Kenyans, whom he dubbed ‘hustlers’.

The head of state says he remains unfazed by name-calling, emphasizing his unwavering dedication to doing what is right for the country.

“What I will not do as president is say there will be free lunch, that the country is going to be developed by borrowing money from other people and that it is going to cost us nothing to develop our country,” said Ruto on Wednesday.

“That is why I don’t mind people calling me names. You see when you are doing the right thing, your conscious is clear. I will do the right thing for our country irrespective of what names people call me, including Zakayo.”

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