KHRC: Mwea illict brew death toll climbs to 10, wants local leaders charged

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights now wants authorities in Mwea arrested following the death of some locals after a drinking spree that also led others to blindness

According to the commision chairperson Marion Mutugi the known owners of the drinking dens have been walking scott free despite authorities earmarking the bars and clubs as operating illegally.

While Mutugi notes that the commission will be petitioning the government to institute charges and prosecute officials  slacking on their job, she fears that the death toll of those who drunk unsuspecting drinks could climb to ten while more others become visually impaired 

The National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse has urged county governments to scale liquor licensing amid a rise in unregulated outlets.

NACADA made the appeal while  expressing concern over the proliferation of wines and spirits dens in parts of the country.

Citing Tuesday’s incident in Kirinyaga where five people died while six others suffered vision impairment after consuming alcohol at a local bar, NACADA CEO Dr Anthony Omerikwa has called on the sub-national government to review their enforcement processes.

Omerikwa  hasAuthority reaffirmed its commitment to protect citizens from counterfeit alcohol.

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