80yr old grandmother acquitted for attempted murder of grandson Sagini

80 year old grandmother Rael Nyakarerio is a lucky woman after a Kisii court quashed her five year sentencing in the attempted murder case of baby Sagini.

Nyakarerio who was convicted in the case to serve a five year jail term for aiding and abetting in the gouging of her grandson’s eyes.

Justice Kiarie Waweru cited the prosecution’s failure to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt and there was no evidence to show that the convict committed the offense as she had been charged.

Speaking to the media, her lead counsel said Nyakeririo sentencing had been made pre-maturely

The counsel has now urged members of her community to embrace the acquitted grandmother and rely on the court decision to inform their judgment. 

Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno also handed the main offender Alex Ochogo 40 years and10 years  jail term to Baby Sagini’s aunt Pacifica Nyakerario for attempted murder which later changed to causing grievous bodily harm according to Section 4 of the Penal Code in July last year.

“I have taken into account their respect ages,27,51 and 80 years, I arrive at the decision that the following would be an appropriate sentence in the circumstances, Alex Ochogo, sentenced to serve 40 years imprisonment, Racificah Nyakerario sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and Rael Nyakerario five years imprisonment,” the magistrate ruled.

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