Evelyn Wanjiru complains of hubby taking too long to wake up

Kenyan Gospel Singer Evelyn Wanjiru and Hubby, [photo: courtesy]

“Who is more likely to be dragged out of bed?” a question was posed, “amka one, amka two…amka seven,” gospel singer Evelyn Wanjiru burst responding while gunning her fingers at her lovely husband Agundabweni Akweyu.

The adorable couple were for a for minute raw and candid in Pearl Radio studio after they were taken to task about their personal lives and gladly agreed to an off the cuff interview.

Surprisingly, the famous lovebirds were not only open to share what goes on in their bedroom but also reveal the ‘how-to’s’ at their kitchen table.

The ‘Mungu Mkuu’ hitmaker was accused of leading dance parties despite government taxes from houses to the hospital bills, most likely due her gifting in the house of the Lord and her acute amnesia that makes her forget where she parks her car and phone.

The Agundabweni’s who have been together for over a decade now, donned expressly like they just joined high school to impress each other because the sparks in their hearts builds love castles. Truly love is in the air.

And because valentines is around the corner, Mr. Agundabweni promised to collect two things that means the world to him. Animals on the road, and her wife when planning for spontaneous road trips.

”…amka eight, amka nine,” Mrs. Agundaweni is still counting to have her husband rise from slumber and a probable inspiration behind her latest jam ‘Na Iwe Maombi’.

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