Sudi dares evictees of Eldoret 20 acres of land to take him to court

Kapsaret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has dared over five families sitting on a contentious 20 acres piece of land in Eldoret to take him to court when he led a rowdy mob in demolishing their houses.

Sudi claims that the families in the vast land are occupying it illegally adding that the initial owners have never surrendered the title deed to the supposed owner

“Kuna ukora kwa mahakama na ni watu kutoka side moja…hii makesi yote ya Eldoret hatutawacha kuendelea hivi…na kama kuna mtu ako na evidence ama ako na question mark, akuje aniulize mimi…ni mimi anipeleke kortini, sio mtu mwingine,” Sudi said.

On their part, the families have maintained they posses the right document granting them ownership of the land

One Paul Kirwa says in a judgment made by both Eldoret high court in 2022 and subsequent ruling  at the Eldoret court of appeal sustained that the piece of land belongs to him and two other, further charging authorities to come to their defense adding that their eviction is unwarranted by the lawmaker

In an appeal at the High Court in Eldoret, the court made a ruling in favour of Kirwa on January 19, 2023. Kirwa on Wednesday watched helplessly as his structures were torn down, in complete disregard of the court’s ruling

For now, Kirwa, in possession of court documents, has been rendered homeless as he waits to see how the incident will unfold and whether the arms of government will shield him from the reigning impunity.

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