Its Better They Call Me Zakayo Than Let Kenya Sink In Debt – President Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto

President William Ruto has affirmed his readiness to confront criticism regarding tax policies, emphasizing his commitment to preventing the nation from sinking into debt.

Speaking during the inspection of Masinde Muliro Market in Kitale, Ruto expressed his determination to foster employment through the Affordable Housing Scheme.

He said he has no problem being referred to as Zakayo adding that it is better than letting the country sink into debt.

“The biggest challenge we have in Kenya is that many youths are unemployed. That’s why I have initiated a plan to create employment opportunities for these young people. When I said we implement the housing levy, some people criticized me, saying that I am introducing Zakayo’s ideas. I would rather be called Zakayo and ensure that the youth have jobs, and I would rather be called Zakayo than see Kenya plunge into debt,” said Ruto.

“There is no single nation that has been destroyed by taxes; so many nations have been built with taxes,” he added. 

Furthermore, President Ruto underscored the deliberate efforts of the government to implement programs and policies geared towards generating employment opportunities for the youth. He highlighted the establishment of ICT hubs in every ward, aiming to equip young individuals with essential digital skills, enabling them to harness online opportunities effectively.

“I went to Germany looking for jobs, I have also advertised them in the newspaper for you to apply and You have just been sitting without applying. How do you want me to help you?” Ruto posed.

Ruto emphasized the government’s dedication to creating a conducive environment for youth development and economic empowerment.

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