City hall: Stop construction works until we regularize Kirima’s land dispute with settlers

The Nairobi city county government has ordered all settlers in the disputed vast Njiru land to stop any construction works as part of regularization measures.

City hall has also told the thousands of settlers occupying portions of land designated for public amenities such as roads, wayleaves, schools, hospitals markets, playgrounds, easements, to vacate as they are set to be vested to their respective public institutions. 

The Nairobi county govt said it will independently arbitrate the case pitting the Kirima estate and the thousand of families on the land after a Kisumu court on october last year found that the land rightfully belongs to the late Gerishom Kirima family

In a statement, the Acting County Secretary Patrick Analo indicated that this is after occupants consented to adhere to the Court’s decision and officially acknowledge the Kirima Family as the legitimate proprietors of the Land.

The Kirima family on the other hand has also expressed its willingness and commitment to collaborate with both the National and County Governments to expedite the regularization process.

Analo stated that The Nairobi County Government is committed to assume the role of an independent arbitrator and supervise the processes to ensure a smooth, sensitive and humane transfer of ownership and occupancy taking into account all circumstances of each case and persons involved and that an amicable solution is reached between the occupants of the Land and the Kirima Family within the provisions of the existing Law.

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