Ministry of Interior Invites Public views On New ID and Passport Charges  By December 8

The Ministry of Interior has invited for public participation on the intended new levies for immigration and citizen services which are set to take effect on January 1, 2024.

This is in compliance with an order given by Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki last week, which stipulated that public participation on the planned charges must be done as soon as possible and no later than December 10.

In a public notice , Immigration PS Julius Bitok announced that the participants will be allowed to make their proposals and submit them in writing through memoranda clearly marked ‘Public Participation on New Charges’. 

“The State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services invites views and proposals from the public and other stakeholders on the intended revision for consideration,” the notice reads.

“Views and proposals can be submitted in writing through memoranda marked “Public Participation on New charges” and dropped off at the following locations.”

The submissions can also be emailed to

This comes a week after the government revoked a Gazette Notice issued on November 7,  that announced an increase in charges for some services including passport, ID, work permits, birth and death certificate applications to allow for public participation on the matter.

The government had intended to increase the fee for first-time ID applications to Ksh.1,000 but has now reviewed the cost downward to Ksh.300.

The fee for replacement of lost IDs has also been reviewed to Ksh.1,000 instead of the intended Ksh.2,000.

New birth certificate applications will also cost Ksh.200 from Ksh.50. Application fees for death certificates have also quadrupled to Ksh.200.

The High Court had suspended the revoked notice with yet another petition against the revision of the charges filed on Tuesday.

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