Odinga slams Govt for lack of understanding on his oil deal dosier

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has slammed the government for lack of understanding on his dossier on the government to government oil deal which he termed as a grand scam.

While speaking at the ODM party parliamentary group meeting Odinga has said the rebuttal by National assembly majority leader Kimani Ichunwah was misplaced adding that  his statement was directed to the executive.

“It was a very comprehensive statement which gave clear facts and I challenged the government to contradict what I had said. This other one basically just talked and said ‘hot air’,” he said.

Odinga has further insisted that his claims still hold water challenging the Energy and petroleum CS Davis Chirchir to make public the MOUs signed between Kenya and the middle eastern nations.

The ODM party leader has further alleged that EPRA CEO Daniel Kiptoo is implicated in the grand g to g   scam by agreeing to be part of negotiation table despite his board being responsible for setting fuel prices in the country

The opposition leader was responding to the government rebuttal on his dossier on the government to government oil deal that he claims officials in the President Ruto administration are pocketing money from with exorbitant  pump prices  that has led to suffering of most Kenyans.

Ichung’wah termed it “usual theatrics and charade” saying the dossier lacked substance and was nothing short of Raila’s “usual propaganda and rumour mills”.    

On March 10, the government through the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum entered into a G-to-G agreement with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates companies for the supply of petroleum to save the country from shutdown due to nationwide petroleum shortage.

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