Spotify adds afrobeat as a new genre to increase revenue

Swedish music streaming giant Spotify has updated its Afrobeat song genre in a campaign anchored towards stepping up its presence in the African market.

The streaming company targets a billion streams on its website, with a focus primarily on Afrobeats and other African genres.

The update also includes the most playlisted and most liked songs on Spotify, as well as a curated list of some Afrobeats Fusion songs.

The company says their choice of Afrobeats is informed by the fact that there is increased appetite for the genre owing to its fusion with other genres of music, therefore giving an opportunity for huge investments from revenues emanating from the royalties.

Spotify launched the site last month to track Afrobeats’ explosive growth from West Africa to a globally recognized sound.

The company seeks to bank on Afrobeats evolution on the African continent in a bid to step up its play rates on the platform, a move that will be a win-win for both the artists and the company with regards to profits.

“The current Afrobeats sound we know and love has always been on a constant journey of evolving. Now to see that progress into more fusion with global and continental sounds is very exciting,” said Benewaah Boateng, Spotify’s West Africa Editor.

The company boasts 515 million monthly active users and 210 million subscription users.

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