Be fair when calling out govt & opposition- Ichungwah to bishops

Kikuyu member of Parliament Kimani Ichungwah, [Photo: Pulse Kenya]

National Assembly leader Kimani Ichungwa has accused the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops of taking sides in its steps to quell the political tension in the country.

While acknowledging the need to maintain an investor friendly  environment as called by the clerics Wednesday morning, Ichungwa has noted that the men of cloth have failed to ask the opposition to tone down its demands and allow the government to realize its plans.

According to Ichungwah, the clergy are privy that the demonstrations are being sponsored by  former president Uhuru Kenyatta yet they have failed to condemn his actions.

Ichungwah maintains that lowering the cost of living is not an overnight activity hence asking the Bishops to give the government more time.

The lawmaker while speaking in Kericho as he accompanied the president who was commissioning the Kimungu Water projectc said he listened to the Bishops noting that they their demand were hell bent at making the govt cede soften stance to the opposition.

This is as Kenya Council of Catholic Bishops castigated both President William Ruto and the opposition leader Raila Odinga for declining to cede grounds and make lasting solutions amid the prevailing anti government unrest.

The leaders, who have said they have provided both the govt and opposition  with alternatives to solve their stalemate, are demanding  resumption of the bipartisan as a way of giving dialogue a chance to prevent further shedding of more blood.

Speaking at the presser Arch Bishop Anthony Muheria asked  president William Ruto to repeal the finance act to ease the burden shouldered by the low income earners over  high cost of living.

“We ask the president to repeal the Finance Act and institute a process that will seek to achieve the same goals in the context of the current economic situation,” the bishops said.

At the same time KCCB Chairman Martin Kivuva has appealed to  the leaders to still give dialogue a chance to prevent further shedding of more blood.

“We have tried to reach out to both of them but we have not managed to see them face to face because of the activities of this week. But if they say they are ready this week we will be there,” Archbishop Kivuva said

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