CS Kuria downplays protests to threat in investment amid calls for talks

Investments, Trade & Industry cabinet secretary Moses Kuria has on Wednesday said the Kenya Kwanza administration will not be distracted by noise emanating from the opposition.

Kuria has said that the President William Ruto regime is focused to closing deals with investors affirming that the ongoing demonstrations will not erode investor confidence in the country

While CS Kuria noted that modern day investors are closing deals in extreme regions declared war hotspots, the Federation of Kenya employers has called for a truce between the President and the opposition leader saying Kenya is fearing to lose its attractiveness to investors.

This, as Kuria, insists that  the Odinga led melees are just a drop in the ocean.

He has affirmed that the country is engaging with resilient investors who have faced turbulent business seasons saying that the govt will not be sidetracked on its course to better the lives of Kenyans.

According to federation of Kenyan Employers (FKE) CEO Jacqueline Mugo, anxiety about demos is affecting the productivity of workers.

She added that the constant interferences to Kenyans’ daily activities, destruction of property, loss of life, vandalism and other undesirable occurrences were diminishing Kenya’s “attractiveness” to potential investors.

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